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First of all thank you for “clicking” through to this page - I appreciate your interest.


It is time to move forward with our next visionary step and to that end... Private Motor Coach, Inc. "Is Now For Sale".

Firstly and most important, the company is very well positioned for a new buyer with the desire to make it “bigger and better.” Private Motor Coach, Inc. has developed over the years a solid business model because of its history, the pending 70 million wave of baby boomer demographics wanting to travel in comfort and style (especially boomers with health issues), and the unique travel market niche PMC already holds.

After almost 16 years the founders, Ed and Patty Lonsbary, have decided to sell Private Motor Coach, Inc. to someone who shares their vision and has the same enthusiasm and passion, with the requisite skills, to provide private motor coach travel to the travel market place.


In the end this was really an easy decision, as this step was always a part of their long-range plan.  So with some regret, but with a lot of excitement about the future, we are selling the company.

The reasons are really straight forward:


It is time for some new entrepreneurial energy to go into PMC. I am now 67and my next steps are to develop other entrepreneurial endeavors and where suitable, mentor other start ups. Sort of a "give back" philosophy.


So as I said "it's time" to find an "heir apparent" with the skill, enthusiasm and commitment to take control from the founder and move PMC to the next level. And to help make the sale successful, I will generously offer my mentoring and consulting services to the new owner.


In closing, for someone or a related company that has the passion and the vision that the Lonsbary's had sixteen years ago, the future is very bright for Private Motor Coach, Inc.


Also, please be assured that any inquiry I get will receive serious attention. I also will request that a confidentiality agreement be signed by the inquiring party, other than very general inquiries, before we can proceed to serious negotiations. 


I appreciate very much your interest and please contact me at anytime if you have questions or comments. 




Ed Lonsbary

PS: For A LOT of good background info please research our website (, paying special attention to the press release and newsletter sections. For more interesting and informative history factoids and a better perspective of PMC you can check out these websites as well:


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