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Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) (January 1999)

North Hills News Record (Apr 1999)

Bus Nut Online (Apr 1999)

Private Coach Magazine Vol One Issue Two (May 1999)

The Private Coach Enthusiast (May 1999)

The Ingersoll Times (May 1999)

North Hills News (1999)

Pittsburgh Business Times (June 1999)

Pittsburgh Post Gazette (August 1999)

The Private Coach Enthusiast (Aug 1999)

Pittsburgh Senior News (Sep 1999)

Pittsburgh International News (December 1999)

RV Companion News And Entertainment For The Road (December 1999)

The Rotarian (January 2000)

The Private Coach Enthusiast Vol One Issue Four (June 2000)

The Private Coach Enthusiast Vol Two Issue One (June 2000)

United Motor Coach Association (August 2000)

Bus Conversions - Industry Update (October 2000)

Entrepreneur Magazine (October 2000)

American Bus Exchange - Letters To The Editor - (October 2000)

Northern Connection (September 2000)

Tri County Press (October 2000)

The Coach Builders Bulletin (November 2000)

National Bus Trader (December 2000)

Handicapped Travel Club News (January 2001)

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Coach Conversion Magazine (April 2001)

The Coach - Builders Bulletin (April 2001)

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RV Companion (August 2001)

Tri County Leader (October 2001)

Fort Worth Star Telegram (March 2002)

Specialty Travel Index (April 2002)

Family Motor Coaching-RV News And Notes (July 2002)

Yellow Page Ad Tyler, Texas (2001 - 2002)

Tri County Leader (October 2002)

Tri County Leader (October 2002)

Dog & Kennel Magazine (April 2003)

National Bus Trader (November 2003)

Metro Magazine 7 (January 2004)

Huston Business Journal (January 2004)

MCI International (February 2004)

Private Motor Coach Cleans Up Old Tyler Road (April 2004)

National Bus Trader (April 2004)

Fanshawe College - Alumni News (Spring 2004)

Destination Magazine (June 2004)

Tri County Leader (March 2006)

Woodstock Sentinel Review - "World Citizen" life suits Ingersoll man (July 2010)




Our motto is... "Anywhere - Anytime"

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