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What our customers have said about
Private Motor Coach, Inc.  

(These nice folks will take your call...please inquire.)

  "This motor coach is enormous. We felt like royalty. The best thing was...we left the driving to Ed Lonsbary. We watched movies, ate snacks, had nice conversations with travel companions, it was so relaxing. Finally, you've got to charter this motor coach, if for no other reason than for the experience and the memories of a completely novel and terrifically unconventional journey."


David & Bridget Robinson, Pittsburgh, PA


  "As you know we travel close to 180 days annually, primarily by motor coach. It was wonderful to experience the personal care of Ed & Patty Lonsbary. The key to success in business is the personal touch and you all have mastered it!"


Resa Lambert, Manager, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, New Orleans, LA


  “Thank you, thank you! You really helped to make our Cruise Crew weekend memorable. Our friends can't get over your wonderful private motor coach, and I've already told my dentist and another person how great you are and your coach is. We'll keep spreading the good word."


Gary & Judy Young, Gibsonia, PA


  "What a wonderful day my friends enjoyed. It was fascinating to sit back in an easy chair and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage as we traveled along in your lovely motor coach. What a unique experience! It was a great trip, one we won't forget!"


Fay Branzet, Lower Burrell, PA


"Thank you for the wonderful and successful trip to Syracuse. Everyone has expressed their thanks and gratitude. It was a real bonus that you joined in with the group and were part of the trip experience."


Stephen Balbach, Columbia, MD


"The motor coach looked very cozy and comfortable...and it was! The best thing about traveling with Private Motor Coach, Inc. was the ease and comfort we both enjoyed during the long ride to our winter home in Florida. We want to do it again next spring when we return back to Pennsylvania. They do a wonderful job and are so responsible and friendly too."


Tweezie Buck and Lorraine Love
Delray Beach, FL and Ligonier, PA


" Wow, what a perfect travel arrangement for traveling back home to WI. We felt so safe and secure on the motor coach, especially when you are 84 years old and your handicapped son has Cerebral Palsy. Our trip was so much easier than if we had traveled by car or the airlines. The stress on us both was greatly reduced, because we left the driving to someone else. We could enjoy the trip because we had our own "house on wheels". Private Motor Coach, Inc. travel concept is great...especially for the elderly and handicapped traveler. We highly recommend them."

Dr. Cedric S. King M.D.   Cairnwood Village, Bryn Athyn, PA


" What a big 'house on wheels'. It was so comfortable. I was exited about traveling with my friends...this was a trip of a lifetime.
I especially enjoyed the privacy our small group had on the motor coach. The driver took such good care of us...he was just like a member of the family. The conveniences were great, bathroom, kitchen, living room. We could go anywhere we wanted to. This is the best way to travel"

Beatrix "Tiny" Redmile (friend of Dr. King)   Cairnwood Village, Bryn Athyn, PA  


"I've always wanted to travel 'Cross-Country' in a motor coach, but was not able to do it alone.  It made me feel free and excited that I could go anywhere, anytime, and not have to worry about how to get there.  I could set my own schedule and pace.  No searching for hotels, no unpacking, no tour guide to have to keep up with.”

"It was the best trip that I have ever taken, and cannot wait to go on my next one to Alaska.  I recommend everyone to travel on 'Patty's Charm.  It is simply the best way to travel." 


Mimi Cocks   Levittown, NY


"Our first reaction on seeing Patty's Charm'It was large, and we felt unique!'  We felt like we were on a true adventure, but still had a sense of "security" knowing that we had an escort.  We knew we were in competent hands.  The driving was superb and the conversation was delightful."


Thelma and Chris DeCarlo   Morristown, NJ and Orlando, FL

 “Travel with comfort
Travel with style
Go with Ed Lonsbary
and travel the world’s miles.”


Thelma and Chris DeCarlo   Morristown, NJ and Orlando, FL


 “We're off to head home. We had a great time and really enjoyed staying in your motor coach. It was bigger than we expected and very roomy and well appointed. The convenience and efficiency was really great. Thanks for everything.”


Dawn And Jim Brazee   La Fayette, LA


  “Ed was on time, dependable and a very safe driver. We...Tom, Ron, Wiley and I also appreciated his professional attitude and attention to detail. He was fun too! We traveled in excess of 3,700 miles on our "Elvis Presley-Memphis Heritage Tour and Pilgrimage" without a problem. A job well done!”

Rick Lieb, Valley Forge, PA

 “I would like to share with you the feedback which I have received about your services rendered.  First of all everyone mentioned ‘what a wonderful service they received from your constant attention towards them and your generosity.’ Speaking for myself I appreciated greatly your reliability and your efficiency. It was effortless to do business with you, you established a positive business relationship and this was greatly appreciated from the beginning.
We appreciated your understanding and your flexibility in the scheduling and adapting yourself to our adjustments and in welcoming 6 people to sleep in your "super coach"!!! Thank you again for your great service, and hoping there will be another opportunity to do business together.”

Marie-Caroline Bergouignan
Tour Logistics Coordinator
Cirque-Eloize (Circus of Lighting)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Dear Ed,

2003 trip to Alaska, Yukon Territories, British Columbia and Alberta…

34 days…never enough time …could have easily stayed another month. I love my travels with Ed and “Patty’s Charm”. Each trip gets better and more exiting. It’s is so “freeing” to know that your house and all your “stuff” is with you at all times. You feel very secure and content with a good driver, navigator, mechanic and companion…He also makes me laugh!
This is my second trip with Ed and “Patty’s Charm”; the first time (2001) was Yellow Stone National Park, Grand Tetons, the Black Hills, the Bad Lands and the surrounding areas. This time we traveled from Seattle, WA to Prince George and Prince Rupert, BC and onto Valdez, AK, via the inside passage on the Alaska ferry, M.V. Kennicott.

In Alaska we travel from Paxon to Cantwell via the Denial Highway and on to Denali National Park. Then to Anchorage, Tok, Dawson City, via the Top of the World Highway, Eagle, Skagway via the White Pass and Yukon Railroad (breath taking views…don’t miss this ride). Back south through the Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta and finally to Helena where I flew back to NY. Can’t believe we went 5,984 miles…it went by so fast.

WOW…a trip of a lifetime!!! Next I am off to the US Southwest and who knows, if the spirit wills…to Central and South America.

Mimi Cocks, Levittown, NY

Mimi's trip to Alaska onboard the Alaska Marine Ferry M.V. Kennicott via The Inside Passage to Valdez, AK and on to The Yukon , Alberta and British Columbia a total of 10,115 miles. Page 1

Mimi's trip to Alaska onboard the Alaska Marine Ferry M.V. Kennicott via The Inside Passage to Valdez, AK and on to The Yukon , Alberta and British Columbia a total of 10,115 miles. Page 2

Mimi's trip to Alaska onboard the Alaska Marine Ferry M.V. Kennicott via The Inside Passage to Valdez, AK and on to The Yukon , Alberta and British Columbia a total of 10,115 miles. Page 3


  •  “Thanks for a trip to remember!”


Marvin & Lorraine Wierda, Sioux Center, Iowa


  • “Mom and Dad would never have made this trip without your motor coach.  And, now you have started a new tradition. I will always ‘honk my horn’ when I cross the state line!”


Carol Wierda, Lincoln, Nebraska


  • “We couldn’t have done this trip to Alaska without your help.  Just a reminder – check for your wallet after each stop!”


Gail Wierda, Ponce, Nebraska


  • “Five-thousand, three-hundred, nineteen (5,319) miles, two countries –Canada and the US – (when we finally got ourselves across the border), a Wal-Mart in every state and no cherry cobbler…Thanks for the great trip.  See you in South America!”


Beth Wierda, Lincoln, Nebraska


  • “Thanks for accepting the responsibility of driving for my family.  It was a safe and enjoyable trip.”


Larry Benner, Newark, Ohio


  • “You took us deep in the heart of Texas!”


Allyson Schmidt, Newark, Ohio


  • “Keep on bussen! Thanks.”


Mark & Sue Benner,

Newark, Ohio


  • “This was an enjoyable trip with the family.  The men didn’t have to worry about the drive from Ohio to Texas. We had fun playing cards and good conversation.”


Bob Schmidt (trip co-ploy & navigator), Newark, Ohio


  • “I recaptured the sense of freedom and a carefree nature during my trip exploring Texas and New Mexico.  There could be no finer gift or way to celebrate my 50th Birthday! Ed, you took me to the depths of the Carlsbad Caverns, to the top of the sand dunes of Monahans Sandhills State Park, and even higher into the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  I abandoned my tether to emails and client voicemails – what a relief! Now, I just want to follow the next bend in the road and never stop!”


Patty Lonsbary,

Whitehouse, Texas


  • “I’m off again on my 3rd adventure with Ed and “Patty’s Charm”, my home away from home for 3 1/2 weeks.

    FYI, in 2001 my 1st trip was to Yellowstone National Park/Jackson Hole, WY and the surrounding region. On this first trip I departed from Pittsburgh, PA and made my return trip home to NY from St. Louis, MO.

    The 2nd trip in 2003 took me to Alaska, the Canadian Yukon and home via British Columbia, Alberta and Montana. This time I flew to Seattle from NY and made my way north, via the Alaskan ferry out of Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

    On my 3rd trip, in the fall of 2006, I went exploring the US Southwest. After a flight from NY, I joined Ed in Phoenix, AZ. As I headed north on Patty’s Charm, I stopped at Frank Lloyd Wright’s, Talieson West, in the Mesa, AZ and then continued on to Prescott, AZ to see Whiskey Row. Next I went to Sedona, AZ with it’s beautiful red rocks, delicious cactus fries and while there I went on an exciting jeep ride touring the mountains and its red rock canyons.

    Next we headed to Flagstaff, AZ and from there I went on to Peach Springs, AZ and toured the West Rim of the Grand Canon. I took a flight down to the bottom of the canyon and took a boat ride on the Colorado River.

    At the Grand Canyon, AZ, I journeyed to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and hiked down along the rim with its gorgeous views and also went down a mile into the Canyon on the famous Bright Angel Trail.

    Up next was a ride on Patty’s Charm along the South Rim of the canyon over to the Painted Desert, which by the way was very beautiful. Next I went to Canyon De Chelly via the Hopi and Navajo reservations.

    I had my best day touring the Canyon De Chelly, experiencing the serenity, beauty, and cliff dwellings from centuries ago.

    Then we turned south, traveling down the south east side of Arizona, on AZ 191. This took us through the Apache National Forest across New Mexico and on to El Paso, TX.

    From here we journeyed to Marfa, TX, Big Bend Country, where I spent a day at the Cibolo Creek Ranch and went horseback riding through the backcountry. From Marfa we head back to Fort Worth, TX, to catch my flight home to NY.

    Sad to say, my trip had ended. I traveled a total of about 2,589 miles with Ed and “Patty’s Charm.”

    My next adventure, if spirit wills, will be to South America in 2007. This will be my 4th trip with Private Motor Coach, Inc. I just love my escapes with Ed and “Patty’s Charm.”, they are simply the best!

    As they say “3rd time is a charm”. I wonder what I will call my 4th trip? You will have to just wait and see!


Levittown, NY




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