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Since January 25, 1999

Hello my travel friends,

Well it is time to send a generic broadcast message to ALL of our active former and current customer inquires.

FYI...we literally have received more than a hundred high quality inquires over the last year and with many more since the first of the year which I am sure is due to the current political turmoil, the serious increase in the terrorist acivity, both home and abroad, the complications of TSA security issues at the airports not withstanding the uncomfortable nature of airline travel and the aging of our baby boomer generation who still want to go somewhere. Even if it is just to get off the couch.

Also we cannot forget the medical/disability needs of travelers and the option of bringing along the beloved pets.

I have also felt, many times, that the slow cross country travel in a private motor coach was the best way to see the country close up. The other options are way to stressful.

In essence there is no better way to travel than in a private motor coach with a host/driver, especially in these times. As you know private jet travel is getting big also.

But...I am saddened to say and as I have noted on the Private Motor Coach, Inc website, PMC is currently not actively in business.

We had a thriving business since our founding in 1999. But unfortunately the great recession took us down.

Fortunately though we were self funded and thus we able to deflect the debt load, which was very low.

So it came to a point were I sold the coach and suspended the business, but I did keep the web site active and my DOT filings up to date in the hopes of turning PMC back on.

This is a dream that I still hold on too and I cannot help think the time is right to bring back PMC for 2017.

And to be frank...I would like to develop a high quality list of potential trips and maybe even find investment capital to aid in the comeback. So if you are inclined, please send me an email with your thoughts and trip info.

Anyway I wanted to put this out to all of you. My apologies for the generic nature of this email reply, but it was to hard to contact all of you directly.

If you want too...PLEASE feel free to contact me.

I would LOVE to talk to you!

Maybe we can bring back Private Motor Coach, Inc. together!

Currently my easiest contact method is via:

Personal Email...

(My email rolls into my corporate server and is not as efficient)

Skype number...903-871-1099.

And for you international folks, domestic as well...Skype friend me to "pattyscharm" (do not use quote marks).

In that way we can video conference. I also have an iPhone/iPad so we can FaceTime too.

To close, I very much hope to hear from most of you and many thanks for your support.

Thanks for reading.

Very Best to all and Happy Travels.



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Born on Jan 25, 1999

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